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What do you want to do when you are big? "Travel!" And this she did: mainly, but never enough. She studied for travel, traveled to study, traveled for work. And she also fell in love traveling. Movement also articulates the rhythms of her family. And even now that she seems to have found a base on "the island that is not," she wants to continue to travel and bring her three children Elsewhere and toward the Other. MOON will be the farthest goal that she has ever aspired to. And from which she hopes to see, and to offer to those who will be a part, unforgettable horizons.


Professional traveler. Perpetual engine. Southern man goes to the extreme south. In search of culture, art, thought and of a human¬scale lifestyle. He is happy in Magna Grecia, even more so if with a seaview. He begins anew, from a cradle of civilization in order to build that best which is yet to come. Developing potential, investing in the future, connecting with friends: he puts in his soul and, above all, his body. If he were a character in Pulp Fiction, he would be Wolf, the one that solves problems.



Sicilian born and raised in Ortigia, one "of the rock" as they say around here. Since he was a little boy he helped at the family bar, in the pastry shop and rotisserie while he was attending the Art Institute. Nature and Art have always attracted and fascinated him. He loves painting and photographing. In the dish he puts his whole self: love for nature, respect for every living being, care for small things, literature, music, beautiful images, dreams. Cooking is an act of love, his connection.


The engines of the kitchen, tireless, always available and smiling. Ready to face any work situation, they are the right and left arms of the chef. Mustapha (right) always pampers the staff with his impromptu culinary creations of Moroccan origin and Zakaria (left) with his stand-up performances makes all the staff laugh. A piece of African heart beats in the kitchen of the MOON. Behind the sympathy of these guys lies a tenacity and an unlimited desire to learn, great resistance and dedication to work.


Geologist specialised in precious gems, from which he takes inspiration to prepare a cocktail, thinking of the color, the structure and the light reflection. His father's goldsmith's desk has always been the image of his way of understanding order and beauty. He loves good music and seeing people having fun. MOON is the container and the amplifier of his experiences.

Designer & Music Selecta

Designer, car enthusiast, born in 1988, he began designing Ferrari models at the age of 7 trying to imagine the car lines of the future. At the end of 2014, he personally delivered his sketches to President Cordero di Montezemolo in honor of the "Ferrari Cavalcade" event in Piazza Duomo in Syracuse. The publications on BBC Top Gear and Motorsport lead him to worldwide visibility and later to the Geneva auto show as a correspondent for MotoriOnline.

Dining & Banqueting Coordinator

Little girl with big eyes, big smile and big heart. She is as polite and precise as a samurai's ever-sharp sword. Care for diners and dedication to work are similar to the religious beliefs of a monk. Beautiful, elegant and with a magnetic dialectic. Be careful not to make her angry!

Bartender & Mixologist

He is the globetrotter gentleman, elegant and attentive when he chooses a destination for his journey and when he combines unexpected ingredients inspired by passion. His signature is the glass to serve with refinement. If it's a Martini, even better.



Meditative, stubborn and strong¬willed, a youth who tends to outdo himself just for fun. Despite his obviously scientific interests – no one would ever mistake him for an engineer – he is capable of combining with perfect balance the various cultural interests that fascinate him. With his yellow motorbike he goes where the path has yet to be trodden. He is good at easing the weight of responsibility with the simplicity of a smile. He is just the person to solve each problem, from a dripping sink to a shuttle launch to... MOON.