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Fare di Ortigia una artist colony.



Dare un palcoscenico all'Arte... con una telefonata.


What is MOON?

It is a physical place, a cultural centre, a cafe, a bistro, a dance workshop, a "theater" and a "very special" gym, an exhibition space, a meeting place.

It is a virtual place, a web magazine, a digital space, a crossroads of cultures, of arts, of information, of knowledge.

It is a community of individuals who wish to share visions, projects, ideas, proposals and actions.

It is a platform for the collaborative creation of content, connecting people, projects and initiatives dedicated to artistic, cultural and social innovation.



MOON is an acronym for Move Ortigia Out of Normality. 

The project, based on the island of Ortigia, seeks to dialogue with people who love this ancient Greek city of Syracuse and who come to this very unique place, the pulsating center of history and Sicilian and Mediterranean traditions, from all over the world. But this will not suffice.

MOON is the Moon, a world yet to be explored, a place to stroll with the inquisitive, in search of contemporary and global paths, with the intention of aiming at the center of the future. It is also a dream, an aesthetic tension, a living promise.

MOON is also an original perspective of the reality that surrounds us, because the Earth, seen from the Moon, is completely different from the norm. 

MOON promotes the free exchange of knowledge, proposes the arts as a place of change and of sharing, encourages environmentally-friendly and sustainable lifestyles - beginning with wholesome foods, offers spaces for comparison, for study and for co-working, invites the participation and collaboration of the people in the community, encourages the care and the development of the commonwealth, spreads the use of digital technologies for artistic and social purposes, welcomes creative persons in each field for collaboration, production and dissemination of content.