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#MOON is...

Venerdì, 16 Gennaio 2015 00:00

MOON is…


MOON is Moving Ortigia Out of Normality.

MOON is a blank canvas, painted with many voices.

MOON is a transcendent space; tranquil in one moment yet vibrant the next.

MOON is the clouds that cradle an emerging rainbow – the many colours of its artists.

MOON is the rustic and the strange, nestled side by side with the bright and contemporary.

MOON is the arms that embrace talent and the hands that join new and old.

MOON is a magnet to the souls of the creative; the adventurous; the spirited; the bold.

MOON is the message in a story, the movement of a dancer and the melody of a song.

MOON is a place to nourish the body with culinary delights that feed the soul and the imagination.

MOON is an entity to combine all creativity; a space to accept the unusual and the brave.

MOON is the shining light, filled with many stars to illuminate its heart, day after day.


poem by @Madeleine