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Ultima data:  9 Novembre 2016 21:30

Bringing together classical music and technological world of today, ecce cello celebrates sadness with an energetic pessimism, full of joy and humour. With a more typical energy from hip-hop or rock scene, since 1995 David Fernandez explores the powerful presence and sound of the violoncello filtered by his experience in dance, theatre and technological research. Using 3 tablets, a smartphone and an electric cello David builds an autonomous self-expression dispositive that challenges the limits of what’s possible using today’s technology.

David Fernández has played his compositions for cello in Roman Theatre of Merida, Canadian Embassy Berlin, Teatre Lliure, Teatre Romea Barcelona, Fusion Lärz festival, Volksbühne Berlin, Radial System Berlin, Fondation Maeght Nice, Arts Directors Club Hamburg, Music Tech Fest Scandinavia, FunkHaus Berlin and TEDxBerlin amongst others. Receiving the “most innovative award 2009” in Huesca International Fair, the Blue Vynil Award in #MTF Scandinavia or winning the “Saddest song in the world contest” in Volksbühne Berlin. Also has recorded and produced 2 CDs: “Sunless” and “pOCKET rHAPSODY”. He is about to release a new one in November 2016. 


David Fernández is a Spanish dancer, actor and self-taught cellist, as well as a frustrated inventor. He integrates daily life technology into his works, where the Classical music has yet a strong echo. Acclaimed by Spain's press for his astonishing theatrical performances, 15 different productions with his own company also confirm him as a producer, writer and director. Since 2010 established himself in Berlin, focusing exclusively on the cello.


Music, video, concept development and cello: David Fernandez 

2 minutes with ecce cello from ecce cello


(+39) 0931449516 / 3342571002
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