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Barbara Prandini

What do you want to do when you are big? "Travel!" And this I did: mainly, but never enough. I studied for travel, traveled to study, traveled for work. And I also fell in love traveling. Movement also articulates the rhythms of my family. And even now that I seem to have found a base on "the island that is not," I want to continue to travel and bring my two children Elsewhere and toward the Other. Moon will be the farthest goal that I have ever aspired to. And from which I hope to see, and to offer to those who will be a part, unforgettable horizons.

Francesco Marino

Professional traveler. Perpetual engine. Southern man goes to the extreme south. In search of culture, art, thought and of a human­scale lifestyle. I am happy in Magna Grecia, even more so if with a seaview. I begin anew, from a cradle of civilization in order to build that best which is yet to come. Developing potential, investing in the future, connecting with friends: I put in my soul and, above all, my body. If I were a character in Pulp Fiction, I'd be Wolf, the one that solves problems.


Riccardo Alescio


Mustapha Wardi & Zagaria
Sous Chef


Lorenzo Pelligra


Daniele Pelligra
Designer & Music Selecta


Elena Cusumano
Dining & Banqueting Coordinator


Nicolò Fiammarelli
Bartender & Mixologist



Ennio Andrea Adinolfi

Meditative, stubborn and strong­willed, a youth who tends to outdo himself just for fun. Despite his obviously scientific interests – no one would ever mistake him for an engineer – he is capable of combining with perfect balance the various cultural interests that fascinate him. With his yellow motorbike he goes where the path has yet to be trodden. He is good at easing the weight of responsibility with the simplicity of a smile. He is just the person to solve each problem, from a dripping sink to a shuttle launch to ... Moon.